Deciphering The Word Shaker

Posted: January 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

The Word Shaker is a book written by a character from the book, The Book Thief, written by author Markus Zusak. Max, a Jew hiding in the basement of the Hubermann’s house had written it for Liesel, a girl staying with the Hubermanns. We were given the pictures of his story with no words, and had to re-write the story out the way we thought it was. We worked with a Gr. 7/8 class in Snow Lake, Manitoba to figure it out. Our class is also known as the Idea Hive. My partners were Jason, Sydney and Aaron. Here is the story, written by us…

#1 A man walks into a Nazi shop. It is dedicated to the Fuhrer, and there is cans of Hate and Fear on the shelf.

#2 Some of the Germans have decided to become Nazis. So they get on the conveyor belt. The Nazi are handing the people the Swastika, and they are using the cans of hate and fear to reclaim them as Nazis. They had no choice, by the time Hitler was killing Jews they where in a bind, also because they needed money.

#3 Liesel is holding a seed, and she is going to plant it. It is a seed that will make hope and future that will make the world beautiful.

#4 Liesel had planted the seed , and it is now growing. She is hiding with it, because all of the other trees are full of Swastikas and words like hate.

#5  Some Nazis have come to chop down the tree, because it is pure and not like the other ones, full of hate. They can’t chop down what they don’t understand because hope and love is what they are scared of. They can’t take away a man or woman’s hope no matter what they do or try.

#6. Liesel is sleeping in the tree, because she doesn’t have anywhere else to go, as the other citizens are all brainwashed into Nazis. Liesel is sleeping in the tree because she has hope.

#7 Elsewhere, Max is packing up to leave. He is packing a hammer. Max is staying at a broken-down house to hide, but then sees the tree and goes to it to regain hope.

#8 Then Max found the pure tree, and using his hammer, has pounded nails into the tree, to use as foot rails so he can climb up.

#9 Max made it to the top, and found Liesel sleeping on a branch. They are looking at each other.

#10 Together, they watch the trees full of Swastikas and hate from the safety of  their own tree.

#11 Liesel and Max are walking on a road. They are happy. All the trees are becoming filled with love, they aren’t filled with evil things. The trees are limp because it was hard to fight off the evil, and they are resting now.


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